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Thursdays – Wetland Education Center – FREE Tours to the Public

Thursdays – Wetland Education Center – FREE Tours to the Public

July 27, 2023 9:00 am -

“The Wetlands Education Center provides free guided tours for the public, up to 15 people, on

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 a.m.

Groups of over ten visitors that would like a guided tour of the Wetlands Education Center should set up a private tour by contacting Adriana Reza at (361)749-3152 or adriana.reza@austin.utexas.edu


The Wetlands Education Center occupies 3.5 acres between the Marine Science Education Center and the South Jetty. It is a marsh/seagrass pond landscaped and planted with various seagrasses and appropriate coastal vegetation nourished by water from the Aransas Pass Ship Channel. The public is invited to stroll the surrounding boardwalk to observe migratory waterfowl and resident marsh birds.

Visitors to the Wetlands Education Center – known as Windows to the Sea – will gain an understanding and appreciation for the role each facet of a wetland plays in supporting and maintaining the productivity of the coastal zone. Preservation of coastal wetlands and estuaries is vital to the health of area bays and the Gulf of Mexico. The grasses and shallow waters dissipate storm surges and prevent erosion, acting as natural buffers between land and sea. Educating school children and visitors about the importance of wetlands to both nature and man is the objective of the Wetlands Education Center.


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