The Nueces County Water District reported that customers in Port Aransas are not included in the current Port Aransas water usage ban in Corpus Christi.  Currently the district is pumping water from its othr water source which comes from the San Patricio Water District located in Ingleside. The Water District will continue to be in close contact with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality along witht he City of Corpus Christi. While the water ban has been lifted for some residents of Corpus Christi, many people within parts of the city remain under the water ban, and unable to drink, cook or bathe using city water.

Residents and guests who are enjoying the Port Aransas water are still encouraged to conserve water according to the water notice. Water plays an important role in Port Aransas, a widely popular location for Texas vacations and getaways— most notably for its beaches, fishing, surfing, restaurants and condo rentals.

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