Welcome to a new series here on the Port Aransas travel blog! The Island Spotlight will take a closer look at some local favorite spots in Port A.

First up? Coffee Waves Port Aransas

Coffee Waves Port Aransas provides artisan espresso and house-made gelato – and is the longest running coffee shop in Port Aransas! They love their locals, their out-of-towners, and making everyone feel at home.

A Love For Coffee and Community

Coffee Waves owner and founder, David Bendett, found a love for coffee at age 33 while living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. David’s friend introduced him to a specialty coffee shop, Nordaggios, which not only had amazing coffee, but was also buzzing with locals who were catching up and hanging out. Having not been a coffee drinker previously, David found a love for an afternoon Italian macchiato (espresso and steamed cream) and was struck by the way coffee brought the community together.

When David moved to Corpus Christi in 2006, he quickly discovered that there were no specialty coffee shops in the city – much less a coffee shop that felt like a local hang out spot. So, he decided to open up a coffee cart in the lobby of his church. Word spread, and similar to Nordaggios, artisan coffee and a place for community to gather was born.

After a few years of the Coffee Waves cart, the first brick and mortar shop opened in Corpus Christi in 2008. In 2010, the closure of an old dress shop provided the perfect opportunity to open a location in Port Aransas. Instead of a full remodel, Coffee Waves used what were previously the boutique’s dressing rooms as seating nooks for studying or hanging out. Coffee Waves quickly became the most popular coffee shop on the island. Now, Coffee Waves is not only a local gathering place, but also a staple destination for people traveling to Port A.

The Best Coffee and Gelato in Port A

In the breezy beach town of Port Aransas, Coffee Waves sells nearly as much house-made gelato as they do coffee. And there’s no doubt why – it’s delicious. They have all the classic flavors – pistachio, Stracciatella, and sorbets – but they also throw in some fun flavors like Milky Way and Salted Caramel (David’s personal favorite).

Coffee Waves lives up to its name with rich espresso, smooth drip coffee, and frozen Big Trains (frozen, blended coffee drinks). The baristas are trained in latte art, so you can expect a beautiful design with your luxurious espresso and perfectly steamed milk. Coffee Waves in Port Aransas was voted the #1 best coffee shop by Texas Country Reporter in 2014, and is still making waves.

Planning to visit with an appetite? Enjoy a variety of paninis and pastries that Coffee Waves Port Arnasas offers – and if you’re in a hurry, take advantage of their drive-through.

Weathering Hurricane Harvey

Coffee Waves in Port Aransas suffered a blow when Category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Coast in 2017. With over 3 feet of storm surge pushed into the shop, major damage was done. But the staff and community came together, and clean up and renovations began. David’s wife, Amber, took the opportunity to completely redesign the shop, taking Coffee Waves from a dark European atmosphere to a modern and coastal feel. Coffee Waves reopened 4 months after the hurricane hit, on New Years Day 2018.

Be sure to stop by Coffee Waves in Port Aransas any time of the day for an unforgettable experience. Get coffee in the morning, a Panini for lunch, espresso and gelato in the evening – and don’t forget to enjoy live music on the weekends! Coffee Waves is a must for anyone visiting Port Aransas. You might just feel like you’re on the set of Friends. smiley