If you’re visiting for a weekend or maybe even a month in Port Aransas during the Fall, Winter and Spring season you are guaranteed ultimate relaxation! Most people avoid our beaches in these off season months but some would rather avoid the crowds.  There are many things to do in Port Aransas during these times of year and we know some secrets that keep others coming! Depending on the weather, Port Aransas can be a cold a beach town and seemingly desolate. However, for those who do take the time to travel here during these seasons know how beautiful Port Aransas can be! If you’re looking for something to do during these “off-season” months here are the top 10 things to do while in Port Aransas. Each destination has an attached URL for more information.


1.       South Texas Birding

There are several places located around town that you can take your binoculars and cameras for a refreshing nature scene. The most popular is the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center and Charlie’s Pasture. These two locations are remote from the town and offer nature at its quietest and best. Besides these two places, the jetty on the Port Aransas beach that faces the Corpus Christi Ship Channel offers views of not only birds but awesome ships! There are some places on HWY 361 that have entrances off to the bayside. Most of these places require a 4WD vehicle but there are some paved or caliche roads that are maintained by the state.

Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center Website, including directions and other information.

http://www.cityofportaransas.org/nature_preserve.cfm Charlie’s Pasture Website, including directions and visitor information.

2.       Fisherman’s Wharf Tours/Fishing Cruises

Enjoy a guided Whooping Crane Cruise or a chartered fishing tour aboard the Fisherman’s Wharf infamous Skat Cat and Wharf Cat vessels.

http://wharfcat.com/winter.htm This is the link for the scheduled events of this year’s 2016 season!

3.       The Red Dragon Pirate Cruises


This cruise is not just for kids! Adults will love the Pirate show that is put on and will be entertained by the games the kids do play, plus drinks are served on board. Winter cruises are until January 29. Click the link above to see the schedule or call for more information!

4.       Beach Combing

There’s not a website for this because it’s plain and simple! Port Aransas is known for the many shells that wash up on shore from the Gulf of Mexico. From Port Aransas to the Fish Pass Jetties and further south, shells are scattered all over. You can do this anytime of the day and see very interesting shells and animals! The Padre Island National Seashore is further south but always has starfish washed on shore and large shells. Take the time to walk the beaches even if you are wrapped up in sweaters and scarves!

5.       Port Aransas Art Museum

The Art Museum offers many classes throughout the seasons to all levels of artists. If you’re here for a month check it out! You may find you have skills you didn’t even know about.

http://www.portaransasartcenter.org/classes-events/ Click here to the schedule of classes and the information for each one! Some do require supplies but down at the beach, your inner creativeness seems to awaken and your inspiration for art is thriving!

6.       Port Aransas Community Theatre

The PACT is a group of local individuals with a love for the performing arts. Each play is very well practiced and performed, so well that you WILL enjoy it with your company!

http://www.portaransascommunitytheatre.com/ Click here to find show times and ticket information!

7.       Whooping Crane Festival

The Whooping Crane Festival is put on by conservationists of Port Aransas and the Chamber of Commerce/Tourist Bureau. This event is Feb 25-28 of this year with only a $20 registration fee. If you’re a birder, you definitely want to come out and see our official “Snow Birds.”


8.       Texas Sandfest

Each year people from all over the world venture to Port Aransas to see the impressive professional sand sculptures that are created on our beach! There are many contestants and extremely creative sculptures! You won’t believe these artists are only using sand and maybe a little glue to make these beautiful and detailed sand creations.

www.texassandfest.org This year’s dates are April 29-May 1st.

9.       Fire it! Ceramics

Love painting and art? Fire it! Ceramics has pieces already formed where you can select your piece and paint it! You don’t get to work the clay at this place but let your inner creator break free as you design the pot, plate, or cup of your imagination!



10.   Golfing

Play a round of golf on a professional Arnold Palmer designed golf course! La Palmilla is just off of HWY 361 with gorgeous greens and fairways. The scenery lets you know that you’re still at the beach while you Tee off!