Lone Star Taste

Lone Star Taste

200+ flavors of Jams, jellies, preserves, spreads & honeys (yes there are that many)

60+ flavors of dip mixes

100+ flavors/types of salsas.

65+ flavors/types of hot sauces.

50+ flavors of bbq sauces.

40+ flavors of marinades and finishing sauces.

180+ flavors/types of Rubs, Seasoning salts.

80+ types of Pickled Items and Jalapenos.

50+ Condiments including mustards, ketchups, dressings, etc.

20+ Different flavors of jerky.

18+ Flavored pastas.

12  Gourmet sodas.

20+ Gift basket ideas.

30+ Flavors of bread and dessert mixes.

30+ Candles and melt scents.

25+ Bath & Body products.

30+ Gluten Free Pastas and Bread Mixes

15+ Flavors of fudge and brittles

40+ Drink mixers, rimming salts/sugars

20+ Types of dog treats

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