The Crazy Cajun

Looking for a taste of the Gulf Coast that’s nothing short of crazy good? Look no further than the Crazy Cajun in Port Aransas, where simplicity meets flavor, and every dish is a journey into the heart of Cajun cuisine.

A Delicious Menu

At The Crazy Cajun, the star of the show is the “Hungry Cajun” – a hearty feast featuring a medley of fresh shrimp, crab, smoky sausage, corn on the cob, and new potatoes. What makes it so good? It’s all boiled, steamed, and generously seasoned with the Crazy Cajun’s special blend of “Cajun Spices,” served piping hot right to your table. And when crawfish are in season, they make a flavorful cameo in the Hungry Cajun. If not, fear not – an extra dose of shrimp steps in to keep the party going.

If Cajun boils aren’t your jam, explore a menu that reads like a love letter to Louisiana’s culinary traditions. Sink your teeth into the succulent baby back ribs, savor the richness of red beans and rice, dive into the depths of flavor with shrimp remoulade, gumbo, or jambalaya. The shrimp or crawfish etouffee is a masterclass in Cajun comfort, bringing the bayou straight to your plate.

Even the littlest foodies have their moment with the “Kiddie Cajun,” a delightful dish bursting with flavor yet keeping the spice levels mild. Corn on the cob, new potatoes, and kid-friendly sausage come together in a playful dish, ensuring the younger ones get a taste of Gulf Coast too.

Wash it all down with a cold, refreshing beer on the side, and you’ve got a true Gulf Coast experience on your hands.

Plan Your Visit

The Crazy Cajun isn’t just about the food; it’s about embracing the lively spirit of Cajun cuisine and the vibrant flavors of the Gulf Coast. So, gather your appetite, bring your friends or family, and get ready for a crazy good time at the Crazy Cajun. Because when it comes to Cajun flavors, they’ve got it down to a delicious science.

After a meal at Crazy Cajun, there will be nothing you want more than a nap to sleep your fullness off. Retreat to one of our cozy vacation rentals in Port Aransas and enjoy a relaxing rest before starting your adventure back up. Book one of our rentals today. Your adventure awaits in Port Aransas, Texas!

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