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Blue Water Cowboy Saloon

For an authentic taste of Port Aransas, you can’t miss Blue Water Cowboy Saloon & Mercantile. Tucked in the heart of this lively coastal town, the saloon isn’t just a place to eat – it’s a genuine Port Aransas experience. Picture yourself sitting at their boat-themed bar, enjoying top-notch seafood, and soaking in breathtaking Gulf views from the third floor. It’s a treat for your taste buds and a feast for your eyes.

Dive into the Blue Water Experience

The first floor is where the action begins – open-air vibes, a lively bar, and outdoor games make it a hit with the young and the young at heart. Whether you’re passing the time waiting for a table or just want to relax with a drink and a view, the first floor has a laid-back vibe. And when things get lively during the busy season, live music adds a rhythmic touch to your coastal outing.

Move up to the second floor for a quieter experience, perfect for groups and parties. This level boasts an overflowing dining room or “party room,” creating a relaxed setting for a more intimate meal. The Sushi Bar on the second floor lets you watch the chef work their magic with every order. Whether you’re a sushi fan or just want a quiet meal, the second floor has something for everyone.

And finally, the third floor introduces the beloved “boat bar,” designed to look like the back of a sport-fishing boat. Enjoy the lively bar atmosphere along with the comfort of indoor seating. It’s the best of both worlds – a vibrant bar experience with a cozy dining touch.

Book Your Port Aransas Culinary Adventure

Blue Water Cowboy Saloon & Mercantile is an experience that captures the essence of Port Aransas. As you enjoy the flavors and views, why not extend your stay in this coastal gem? Book one of our Port Aransas vacation rentals, offering a cozy home base to continue your exploration of this charming seaside town. Dive into the flavors of Port Aransas, both at Blue Water Cowboy and in the comfort of your vacation retreat. Your coastal culinary adventure is ready and waiting!

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