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Port Aransas Surf Report & Guide

Surf the Gulf Coast of Texas

Port Aransas has some the best surfing in Texas. The water is turquoise blue, the swell is consistent, and there are many piers, jetties, and sandbars. This creates peeling surf waves along the beaches of Port Aransas and Mustang Island. Surfing is becoming one of the most popular activities on Port Aransas.

Port Aransas surfing is great for all abilities. Port Aransas local surfers are friendly and the vibe in the water is relaxed. Depending on the swell and season, Port Aransas offers a variety of waves and surf conditions. On Mustang Island, there are many places to rent boards, take surf lessons, or join a surf camp.

Year round Surfing in Texas 

Winter Surf in Port Aransas: The waves are bigger and more powerful. Cold fronts bring in swells from the Northeast. 

Spring Surf In Port Aransas: The water is starting to warm up, but the waves are less consitant. This is a great time to surf without the crowds.

Summer Surf in Port Aransas: The water is warm and longboarding is popular. The waves tend to be smaller and more user friendly. 

Fall Surf in Port Aransas: Hurricanes and tropical storms send powerful waves toward Port Aransas. These storms create big waves and stormy conditions. 

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Port Aransas & Mustang Island Surf Spots

Horace Caldwell Pier

Easy access and consistent waves make Horace Caldwell Pier the most popular and consistent surf spot in Port Aransas. Depending on the swell direction, there are good peaks on both sides of the pier.

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Fish Pass Jetties

Fish Pass Jetties, also known as the Jetties, is considered one of the best surf breaks in Texas. This spot favors experienced surfers who want to surf more powerful waves. Located south of Port Aransas within Mustang Island State Park, Fish Pass Jetties is protected from the wind and has well-formed sand bars

San Jose Island

A short ferry ride to the north of Port Aransas brings you to consistent waves on San Jose Island. San Jose Island is a great place to score uncrowded waves.

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