Top 5 things to do on Spring Break in Port Aransas, Texas

Spring vacation is the treat before the season! Usually the weather is fairly warm and mostly sunny, the water warm enough to go for a swim. There are plenty of things to do and go see during Spring Break in Port Aransas. Here’s a list of our top 5 things to do in Port Aransas during spring break, whether you’re with family or chilling with friends! Along with some local tips to enjoy a safe and fun spring break!

1. Go to the beach!

Of course this seems like a no brainer and it is definitely a huge part of spring break! You will see tons and rows of cars lined up to reach the sandy beaches, sometimes with wait times over an hour to get on to the beach! The secret here is to wake up early and get set up! Otherwise you will be fighting the crowds as well as traffic, in search of your perfect beach spring break spot. You never know what Texas will offer as far as weather, so it’s best to bring a light jacket just in case it gets a little too chilly!

2. Learn how to Surf!

The Spring time is usually the best time in Port Aransas for a great spring surf session! The water is usually green and clear while the waves range from small and crumbly to bigger and strong! The BoardHouse of Port Aransas has many rental boards to choose from as well as anything else you may need to ride some waves. The crew at the BoardHouse are the some of the most helpful individuals and would never steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to surfing! There are plenty of places to get lessons around town also. It never hurts to whip out an old school long board but most beginners should start on a “soft topped” board to eliminate any potential injuries! Remember to swim at your own risk and always let someone know that you’re paddling out!

3. Get a Port A T-shirt!

With plenty of gift shops you might not know which has what and the coolest of that! The coolest thing when you’re a kid is to design your own t-shirt, which Destination and the Shark shop will help you do! Pick from so many different designs, colors and shirts to design the perfect memorabilia of your Spring Break Vacation in Port Aransas.

4. Visit the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center

This spot is great for the family and cool to go see! There are so many different species of wildlife, birds and fish you will want to stay just to see what comes out! The viewing platform has a look out with a telescope to view the place at long distances as well as see for miles! There are two known resident gators that hang out here-but don’t let that scare you away! The two have been here for years and are very cool to see in person! There are so many different bird species to see. Definitely bring a camera, sunscreen, and binoculars to enjoy this spot to the fullest. And did we mention this is one of the best places in Port Aransas to watch the sunset!?

5. Get on Board Matee!

Port Aransas is home to the Red Dragon Pirate ship, which features excellent skits and games for the kids. Take a cruise during the day or at sunset and let the pirates entertain you as you travel into the channel. This ship is prepared for the 21 and over crowd also with plenty of yummy cocktails to choose from! Not only are the Pirates entertaining for the kids, adults will love them also. We guarantee you will crack up with their witty remarks and ship styled humor!

We hope you enjoy your 2016 Spring Break Vacation with us here on our beautiful island and are able to enjoy some of our top 5 things to do in Port Aransas during Spring Break!! Remember to stay safe travelling and drink responsibly!