It’s that time of year again when the sun is hot and the weather is nearly perfect. Not only does it feel great outside but, it’s time to feel great about planning your Port Aransas vacation! Here are some easy and informative steps when it comes to staying in Port Aransas and planning the perfect beach vacation.


First thing is first, “When are we going to go to Port Aransas?!”

When selecting a time frame to come to Port Aransas, know that any time of the year is a good time of year when it comes to visiting our beach! It’s important to know what the seasons are and when the prices change. Most properties in Port Aransas are on the same schedule when it comes to price and season changes, but it’s important to ask; because  if you can find a later date for a cheaper price, score!  Of course peak-summer will be the most expensive time to come but summer regularly provides great beach weather and an excellent tan during this time. The seasons just before and right after “peak season” are dates that are just a little earlier  or a little later in the summer. This advantage not only gives you more desirable rates but usually more private and exclusive time in the sand and around the town of Port Aransas; usually with exceptional weather. Spring, fall and even winter, which is known for its exceptional sunsets, are beautiful times of the year to visit Port Aransas and Mustang Island as each one has their own claim to the Port Aransas beauty.


Second, “Where are we going to stay in Port Aransas?!”

Port Aransas has many, many places to choose from for your vacation destination. There are high-rise luxury condos to small beach cottages all over town! The main decision is to decide whether or not to stay directly in the town of Port Aransas or just down the road on HWY 361. Each accommodation has it’s perks and quirks so it’s all up to your own perks and quirks! Staying in the town of Port Aransas gives you unlimited access to all of the stores, restaurants, recreational activities, the Lydia Anne Ship Channel, the Horace Caldwell Pier, and much, much more. On the other hand, staying out of the town offers you an abundance of peace and serenity that the busy little tourist town might not provide.

After your main decision is made, “in town” or “out of town,” narrowing down the properties to stay at is next on your list. Below we have a little breakdown of the properties we offer for vacation rentals. As mentioned earlier, the accommodations of Port Aransas are practically endless and can be very specific if needed.

For those looking for the luxury side of vacation, the spectacular views and near perfect amenities; the Sandpiper Condominiums is the premier, luxury beach resort on HWY 361. Not only are you treated to flawless beach condos with excellent views but you also get everything you could possibly need in these condos, except the groceries! The staff, from front desk to housekeeping as well as maintenance, will all graciously welcome you and provide you with whatever it is you need for a perfect and comfortable beach vacation.

The Sea Gull Condominiums is right next to the Sandpiper and just as suitable for a perfect beach vacation. The Sea Gull has 11 stories and many condos to choose from ranging in one, two and three bedrooms. Each one of the condos have a breathtaking view and the comfort to feel right at home on your Port Aransas vacation! Mustang Towers is just down HWY 361 and offers the highrise views and perfection when it comes to vacationing on Mustang Island.

Also located on Highway 361 is Gulf Shores Condominiums, the closest condos to the beach.  These 2 bedroom condos enjoy large window wall on the beach side for exceptional views throughout most of the condo.  Mustang Towers offers a true highrise experience with fifteen floors.  La Mirage Condominiums offers the perfect family attraction on highway 361.  Two beautiful pools, two commercial hot tubs, a sports court and a splash pad for the kids is what can be found within the La Mirage complex.  Casa Condominiums is located just outside of main Port Aransas and on the beach.  Casa offers a beautiful tropical pool area, access to the beach and a casual gilling area near the pool.

Sandcastle Condominiums is a popular beach resort right, smack dab in the middle of Port Aransas….and directly on the beach! This condominium complex has smaller accommodations as far as efficiencies and one bedrooms, with only a few two and three bedroom condos to offer. This makes the Sandcastle an excellent choice for couples and friends trying to enjoy a weekend at the beach. The pool is excellent and perfect for lounging and relaxing…which is number one right!? The boardwalk is only a short distance from the beach and the views from the rooms are exactly what you may be looking for. The great thing about Sandcastle Condominiums and the Aransas Princess, is that they are both “in town.” The Aransas Princess is a gorgeous beach resort right on the edge of town, offering you a little bit of privacy and a lot of relaxation! At all of these condos mentioned above, the amenities are indeed proportional to the property and very well maintained and managed.

What about the families or large group reservations!? The condos most enjoyed for family functions or large groups are typically those that have larger and more open spaces to host such a large turnout. These resorts must have stuff for the kids, a place to gather, and of course excellent amenities as well as comfortable/nice accommodations. Island Retreat I & IIEl Cortez and Aransas Harbors are literally the epitome of what this type of vacationer is looking for. Excellent and comfortable condos, great grounds for entertaining and plenty of things for the kiddos. Of these three, Island Retreat is on the beach with 2 different beach boardwalks, volleyball courts, playground, 2 pools, sandpits for horse shoes, and a very nice open platform for family/large party entertaining. Each of these properties also have a  room available for rent that can be used for wedding receptions, family reunions or any other function that might require a separate and larger entertaining room.

The great thing about the website is that you can select the condo that suits you the best by searching solely by the things that matter most. Some questions that might be worth asking yourself as well as the front desk staff upon making or inquiring about reservations are these certain amenities that you need for planning your perfect Port Aransas vacations. For example, if you know that you will be cooking for every meal, a stocked and larger kitchen might be preferred; or, if you have kids and specifically need a bathtub instead of a shower in the spare bathroom, the staff is sure to help you figure these sorts of details out.


Lastly, What are you going to do in Port Aransas?!

And finally the third step of planning the perfect Port Aransas escape is choosing the activities you and your company would like to make an adventure of. Whenever you come to the coast fishing is usually a must do! There are many choices when it comes to fishingoff-shore, bay fishing, charter trips, group fishing trips..etc. Deciding which type of fishing is up to you, but make sure you get a hook wet at least once while you’re down here, definitely a Port Aransas tradition!

If your group has some kiddos in the mix, you won’t want to miss the Red Dragon Pirate Cruise. This incredible live pirate performance and excellently crafted Pirate ship is entertaining for both adults and the little ones.  For the adults, there’s a full bar on the ship! And don’t forget about the brand new Schlitterbahn located just a short drive down HWY 361 on North Padre Island. Stay cool in the pools there, eat great food at the restaurant or just relax in the lazy river. Dolphin watching has always been a favorite in Port Aransas, and the newest dolphin adventure cruise offers exciting dolphin spottings, intersting facts and information as well as a full bar right on the boat.

If you’re in Port Aransas with your sweetheart or some friends and need to get your boogie down, cut-loose a little bit, there’s nightlife for you! With plenty of bars to choose from. Bernie’s Beach House is by far a favorite dance spot and the most popping one in town! Throughout the island there are several bars to choose from including the famous Salty Dog Saloon, where you can sing your heart out in karaoke!

After long consideration of all aspects of the trip, we’re sure your heads our spinning. We hope this information can help you have a guideline for planning the trip and ease up on the stress a bit so you can start looking forward to total relaxation and the perfect Port Aransas get-away!!