Plan the Perfect Beach Day in Port A!

As the days get longer and warmer beach days become a weekly thing for my family and I. My family and I love to be outdoors. Hiking, water skiing, biking if it involves being outside we love it, but there is something about hanging out and relaxing at the beach that we enjoy most of all!
Although I’m sure you’ll have fun at the beach no matter what, I find that I have an even more enjoyable time when I plan accordingly.

I’ve made a list to help you plan the perfect beach day while visiting Port A.


Texas weather can be a bit unpredictable some days, but for the most part you are looking at warm sunny weather most of the year. However, we do have our occasional cold and rainy season, but Port Aransas has the best lodging and dining specials that you can take advantage of all year long.

Spring time weather averages in the 70s with the occasional cold front that likes to blow through especially during Spring Break. I usually begin my week in a winter coat and end it in a swimsuit!

May through September tends to be some of the hottest months of the year reaching well over a 100 degrees during the day. I usually try to plan our beach trips earlier during the day or as the sun goes down. I personally love this weather, but I know it’s not for everyone so please be mindful when planning your trip to Port A this time of year.

October through January varies in temperature. We luck out with some warm weather during this time but overall it tends to be a little chillier than us Texans are used to.

Weekends tend to be the busiest times to go to the beach especially in great weather. If you want to miss the crowds I suggest scheduling your beach day during the week.


Port Aransas has some great beaches to choose from like Mustang Island, Mustang Island State Park, Magee Beach, Padre Balli Park and Bob Hall Pier.

Spend some time deciding what you want out of your beach day before you plan your trip.Whether it’s a quiet place to relax, or big waves to surf and body board, or maybe you want to cast out the rods each beach will have different characteristics you should consider before you head out for that perfect beach day!


Sandwiches are easiest to pack for a beachside picnic, but if you’d like to cook out, make sure there is a grill available, or take your own then gather all the necessary supplies to make that happen.

When packing a cooler or meal tote, smaller IS better. If you decide you need something bigger, keep in mind that wheeled coolers are fine for hard packed sand, but fluffier, softer sand will be a struggle that is just not worth it – trust me on that one!

And always take lots of clean, fresh water, as the sun and salt water can dehydrate you pretty quickly.

Or maybe you’d like to eat off the beach? There are also plenty of great restaurants all throughout Port Aransas that you can take advantage of and some right off the beach like Mikel May’s Beachside Grill located right on Bob Hall Pier.


When you plan the perfect beach day you must know that a beach day is certainly not complete without the perfect beach bag. From the actual tote, to sunscreen, beach reads, extra towels, beach toys and more, you want to make sure you have everything accessible and organized to enjoy your day.

If you’re missing a couple of necessities don’t worry Port Aransas also has plenty of gift shops equipped with everything from sunscreen to souvenirs for the family back home. Also let’s not forget the much needed beach pass. They’re $25 and you can buy them at the gas station right before you get on the beach.

Be Courteous and Have Fun!!

A good beach day plan can lead to the Perfect Beach Day! Once you get on the beach just remember to be courteous of other beachgoers and enjoy yourself! The beach is for everyone and everyone is there to have a great time!!!

I hope you enjoy your beach trip in Port A!