I know sticking to a New Year’s Resolution can be difficult, but what I have found that makes it easier to achieve is to create an execution plan. Set a few small goals for yourself, something achievable and timely. Let me give you a head start!

Travel more! There are plenty of great places to visit in Texas and Port Aransas is one of them! I suggest you make Port Aransas one of your travel destinations this year. Port A is affordable and has some great beaches, friendly people and an all-around amazing atmosphere. If you enjoy fishing, golfing, shopping, and coastal dining then Port Aransas is for you. Book a Condo Rental, stay at one of their many affordable hotels, cottages or camp out under the stars.

Get Organized! Stop procrastinating and start planning! Pick a trip date, set a budget and research things to do while on your trip. If you’re considering Port Aransas I can tell you that the summer is a great time to enjoy the beaches and relax by the pool, but we all know Texas has great year round weather so there is no bad time of the year to experience and enjoy Port Aransas.

Save more money! Set aside a set amount per month. Make this amount something that you’re comfortable with and eventually it will begin to add up for a luxury trip with your significant other or a family friendly vacation.

Get Healthy! You want to look great and feel great in that swimsuit so start your fitness journey today! Start small maybe with a nightly walk around the block and before you know it you will be #Flawless and #SwimsuitReady

Learn new hobbies! Maybe you’re not an avid fisherman or the Tiger Woods of golf. While in Port A hire a guide, or take a few golfing lesson at Palmilla Golf Club. Maybe after you take a golf lesson or catch your first #Redfish you will pick up that new hobby you’ve been looking for.

As you can see there’s a lot to do in Port A and I think I just gave you a great plan to help kick off your 2017 New Year’s Resolution! Your trip is waiting and we can’t wait to meet you!