(That can be used at more than just the beach!)

Having great gear is essential for an enjoyable trip to the beach, but who wants to spend money on something you’ll only use once or twice a year? Here are our top picks from Amazon for must have beach items that will be great to have on the Port Aransas beach– and at almost any other outdoor adventure!


Waterproof, Sand-free Beach Blanket 

The humidity and wind that often accompanies a beach day in Port A usually means sand sticking everywhere. Having a clean and dry space to sit is key. This beach blanket measures about 7 feet wide and long – the size of your typical household area rug. It’s waterproof, lightweight, and is on sale for $6.99 at the time of this posting (regular $9.99)! This blanket can be used at the park, in your backyard, or anywhere else you need a clean, dry place to sit.

Backpack Cooler

Forget about trying to roll a cooler on a sandy beach or awkwardly carry a heavy one. Use this insulated backpack to keep drinks and snacks ice cold and your back and arms comfortable. This backpack cooler has enough room for 30 cans, multiple compartments whether you’re looking to store snacks or beverages, and even has a bottle opener on the strap. Promising to keep food and drinks cold for 16 hours, this bag is perfect for your next beach outing – or any other outdoor excursion!

Breathable Beach Chair 

With breathable mesh fabric, this supportive but lightweight chair is perfect for the beach – but will also come in handy while camping or watching sporting events. With over 2,500 five star reviews, this is a quality but cost-effective option that will allow airflow and keep you cool whether you’re at the beach or the ball game.

Roxy Straw Beach Hat 

Port Aransas is full of sunshine and wind, which makes a great hat essential for anyone who wants to protect their skin without chasing down a hat that falls off all the time. This straw hat provides plenty of sun protection, but also comes with an adjustable chinstrap and elastic inner band for a secure and comfortable fit. Use this straw hat anywhere you want to keep the sun at bay!

Beach Towels 

Beach towels don’t have to be boring – or super expensive! These classic striped beach towels are plush and luxurious, providing comfort all around (no scratchy sides!). 5,000 reviewers can’t be wrong – these oversized towels are priced just right and deliver the quality you’re looking for. Coming in a pack of 4, these towels are not only great for the beach, but anywhere you need to dry off after a dip in the water!

Did we miss any of your tried and true must have beach items? Let us know in the comments below!