3 Alternative Ways to Get Around in Port Aransas

My family and I travel pretty often and very rarely are we in our own vehicles. We tend to fly to our destinations, rent an RV or carpool with another family. I rely heavily on ride share programs such as Uber and Lyft, the city’s public transportation system, and my savvy abilities to book hotels in areas of walking or biking distance from attractions and popular restaurants. I’m excited to tell you that traveling in Port Aransas is one of the easiest things to do!

If you find yourself looking for places to vacation this summer or fall consider Port Aransas as a travel destination. We not only have some of the best beaches, yummy eateries, it is also extremely easy to travel in Port Aransas.

If you are like my family and I this is something important for you. Here are 3 alternative ways to help you travel around and make your stay in Port A more convenient and fun.

Public Transportation System – CCRTA

The Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority (CCRTA) is the public transit system of the Coast Bend area. The CCRTA not only provides their services throughout the City of Port Aransas, but you can also commute to and from Corpus Christi to Port A or over the Ferry from Aransas Pass. The RTA also provides shuttles that travel to and from local attractions like the Schlitterbahn Waterpark and some of our beaches like Bob Hall Pier. Traveling on the CCRTA bus is also extremely inexpensive at just $.25. To look up specific routes and schedules visit http://www.ccrta.org/

Buggie or Golf Cart

Here in Port A there is no need for large vehicles on the streets. We’re a beach town… just rent a golf cart, buggie or beach cruiser (whatever you want to call them)! There are tons of places where you can rent your golf cart or beach cruiser such JackFish Cart Rentals, they “rent fun.” Whether you are on a custom golf cart rented from Jackfish Cart Rentals, in a boat or soaring around Port Aransas from above, there is much to do and see. The town is big enough to offer all kinds of entertainment yet small enough to make you feel like you discovered a lost treasure! They have Marine Grade MP3 Stereo and speakers on ALL golf cars. Reserve for the day or for the week. I bet you will enjoy cruising around in one of them.

Walk/ Bike

Although renting a buggie would be fun and taking the bus would be very inexpensive our beach town is small and charming that most of our condos and hotels are within walking or biking distance from our beautiful beaches and great restaurants.  No need to get in and out of your vehicles just enjoy the scenery on foot or bike.

Regardless of how you choose to get around Port Aransas whether it is on foot, by bus or in your own vehicle you will without a doubt enjoy your stay here in Port A! It’s not too late to book your Labor Day vacation with us!