Take a look in 3D…and no, we aren’t talking about the latest IMAX movie! The Sandpiper Condominiums is proud to announce our updated use of 3D Virtual Tours for our online reservation system! These 3D scans take checking out pictures of our Port Aransas vacation rentals to a much more interactive and  “live” experience. When checking out these 3D scans you are able to explore the contents of the particular condo just as if you yourself were walking through the condo. The first unit to featue on of these tours is Sandpiper Unit 602.


The 3D scans are comprised of HDR photography and 3D infrared scans. These things together can make  chairs pop out of the pictures, showing you the angles of the floor plans and justifying the spaciousness our condos have to offer. These new scans are the coolest thing on the market now and we hope that they help you choose your destination condo  more accurately to what you are looking for as well as  displaying  our lavish Port Aransas rental condos to the level that they deserve.


Some of the greatest objectives that these scans use is the display of style all of our condos possess through this new technology. The difference between a flat 2d picture and what these 3d scans have to offer is the first hand experience of how luxurious our condos can be from all angles. These new virtual tours allow you  to experience the fine qualities of our condos without even stepping foot in one!   Explore the units from your device as if you were actually in them.