This week’s fishing report from the docks of Deep Sea Headquarters, Port Aransas:

Our 8 hour trips aboard the Pelcian with Capt Clint Clark brought in nice catches of North Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, Vermillion Snapper, King Mackreal, African Pompano, Amber Jack, Lane Snapper and a Black Tip Shark weighing in at 150 lbs.

Our 8 hour trip on the Kingfisher with Capt Marvin Horner had a Sharky kind of day bringing to the dock with North Atlantic Sharpnose Shark, Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, Porges, a Big Eyed Snapper and Chris English from Victoria shows off his Spinner Shark weighing in at 110lbs.

Our 12 hour trips have been bringing in Amberjacks, Vermillion Snapper and King Mackreal with the largest Amberjack weighing in at 52 lbs.

2-15-15 our 24 hour Tuna Trip aboard the Gulf Eagle with Capt Andy Eccelston and Capt Nate Forbes hauled in a great variety of fish to the dock with a limit of Amberjack, Blackfin Tuna, King Mackreal, Lings, Grouper, Rainbow Runners, Bar Jacks and a Spinner Shark weighing in at 110 lbs.

A father/Son Duo on the 24 hour trip, Charles Rupp – Iowa and Eugene Rupp – Nebraska, 20 lb King Mackreal, 32 lb Amberjack and a 110 lb Spinner Shark.

The Bay trip had a nice catches of Whiting.

Private Bay Guides have been bringing in Black and Red Drum

Chris Creemen from Port Aransas hauled in a really nice Amber Jack weighing in at 75 lbs Aboard the Kingfisher 12 hr with Capt Marvin Horner.

Stay tuned next week to see what new catches there may be!