It is no secret that we always strive to discover our new destination through food and drinks, in one way or another. Port Aransas might be a small city on a small island, but when it comes to Port Aransas Food & Drink – watch out! It is colorful, delicious, intriguing and healthy, and everything in between. Simply put: it is awesome and diverse! Dive into the finest locations for foods and drinks in Port Aransas that will cover the most popular and beloved areas for food and drink entusiasts!

Blending Taste & Spectacular Views

Port Aransas is an island, therefore it should be no surprise that many of us seek to combine fine taste with exclusive vistas that only a location like Port Aransas can deliver.

Meet FINS Grill & Icehouse – the premier waterfront dining venue of Port Aransas. Established in 2005, it has quickly become one of the favorites, with highly reviewed food and ambiance that is hard to match. Think of martinis and seafood blended with charming dock views. Simply a classic!
Looking for other dining options with beautiful marina views, try:  Trout Street Bar & Grill  Harbor Lights GrillVirginia’s on the Bay

Get Tipsy with Exquisite Wine & Cocktails

When it comes to drinks and having fun, Port Aransas doesn‘t shy away from having great and unique venues. After all, what island is like without having fun? If wine is your thing, be sure to check out Island Wine. From wine tastings to live music and karaoke to a wine from a tap! You‘ll be sure to hit a jackpot here if you‘re a wine lover. However, if cocktails and funky pub atmosphere are what you are after, then let Treasure Island Bar surprise you in the most positive way with its lovely patio, vibrant music, and crafty cocktails!

Coffee Lovers Rejoice

Coffee is one of the world‘s most popular and beloved beverages. It’s delicious when made right, it energizes us, and its where lovely conversations about life happen. Luckily, coffee lovers like me and you can rejoice in Port Aransas as well, because Coffee Waves with its beachy location has got you covered! They are teamed up with small roasters who buy specialty coffee and roast their beans weekly, ensuring freshly brewed coffee on the table here in Coffee Waves, which is accompanied by a lovely interior and superb location.

Staying Healthy in Port Aransas

Health trend is still running wild, and that‘s not a bad thing as many of us try to stay healthy, even during our holidays. That‘s where smoothie and juice bars like Island Market come in! Every menu item here has a story behind it, whether its fresh fruits from Brazil and Hawaii or vegetables from Mexico. The organic and fresh produce allows Island Market to create smoothie bowls that are highly-rated and beloved by many, accompanied by an array of freshly squeezed juices, healthy foods, and fruit smoothies to spark new and healthy colors for your holiday here in Port Aransas.

Experience Island’s Fine Dining

If something is missing in your Port Aransas experience and you want to spice it up, then don‘t shy away from giving fine dining a chance, especially with Lisabellas. The service here is exemplary, ambiance is mature, and Port Aransas Food is made with striking attention to detail and taste, with a fine-dining approach. Classic American seafood entrees, juicy steaks & refined pasta served in a relaxed and upscale atmosphere will definitely take your Port Aransas experience to new heights. Enjoy!

Want to know more about Port Aransas dining diversity?  Check back for another edition of ‘Finest of Port Aransas’ where we will be proving you with some of our favorites including Breakfast & Coffee, Children Friendly Activities, and Relax, Restore and Refresh.