180 miles southeast of San Antonio, a town of Port Aransas is the only established settlement on Mustang Island. And once we hear the world island, our imagination quickly guide us to long summer days, sunbathing, warm waters and soft sand while great weather allows us to do almost anything! And rightfully so, summer definitely is a special time to visit Port Aransas, Texas. But moderate and pleasant Port Aransas winter weather, with only 5 rain days on average in the month of December showcases its own potential for a delightful, exciting and fun winter vacation here. Discover the winter beauty of Port Aransas with these four easy steps, and watch out, as they just might skyrocket Port Aransas to the top of your bucket list! Are you ready?

Step 1: Embrace Nature & Outdoors

Being one of the longest barrier islands on the Texan coast, the charming Port Aransas is surrounded by nature, while eco-tourism became a big part of the island‘s economy.

The potential for outdoor recreation here is outstanding, even in the holiday season. And once here, the overwhelming array of options will leave you with a fantastic opportunity to pick you and your family‘s personal preferences!

Birding is one of the main attractions here with many great spots such as Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center and many more to rock those binoculars and admire birds & other fascinating wildlife.

But that is just a tip of an iceberg, as exciting activities like horseback riding, beachcombing, windsurfing and beyond present a unique holiday in Port Aransas. And for that cherry on top, add those gorgeous sunsets for an unforgettable stay.

Step 2: Sail Among Historic Waters

Local lores mention pirate treasure buried in Port Aransas while history accompanies it by showing it was a big location for pirates in the early 19th century. But that‘s only a small part of rich history, as Native Americans, Spanish and French all played their part in reshaping Port Aransas to what it is today.

Sailing among these waters can easily become the highlight of your trip, and not only because of its extensive history. During winter months, coastal fishing is still very much possible and marine life species such as red drum, speckled trout, and flounder being caught during December prove that.

Whether it is fish surfing, entertaining cruises like The Red Dragon Pirate Cruises or Fisherman‘s wharf tours, you‘re bound to find a way to conquer these historic waters during your winter holiday in Port Aransas!

Step 3: Get Cultural

Port Aransas is a small island, and it might seem like it is all about the sand, waves, and nature. But this is where the intriguing Texan island can get you by surprise as getting into a cultural affair here is one of the best activities, especially during colder or rainy winter days.

Port Aransas Community Theatre and Port Aransas Art Museum are good places to start. But it definitely doesn‘t end here. Festivals like Port A Shop Around or Whooping Crane Festival are one of the Port Aransas winter highlights as well.

Combine that with many other special events, fairs, and auctions, and you got yourself a full package cultural experience!

Museums, festivals, and theatres are spread all across the neighboring coastline towns if there‘s a curiosity to discover more.

Step 4: Indulge in Fresh & Intriguing Cuisine

No holiday season or vacation is ever complete without cherishing an opportunity to visit great local restaurants and having fulfilling meals. And if you‘re a food lover like most of us, then the exciting and intriguing restaurant scene in Port Aransas will make you fall in love with an island even more.

As you‘ve might guess it, dining experience in Port Aransas is all about fresh seafood and with a strong dash of open-air atmosphere and beach vibes. Whether its the upscale restaurants or charming beachside cafes, everyone will find their perfect spot to enjoy delicious food and drinks. Many of those meals are accompanied by picturesque views waterfront and harbor views.

A variety of restaurants delivers food diversity, whether its Italian cuisine, juicy steaks, spicy Mexican foods or an island‘s signature fresh seafood. But there‘s always more in Port Aransas!

Enjoying a cocktail while watching the sunset or participate in games and live music events that many of the Port Aransas restaurants boast will contribute greatly to the restaurant experience. And let‘s not forget funky bars, clubs, and taverns that will deliver a final punch of entertainment for those late-nighters. Enjoy!