Traveling around the world is fun and therapeutic. Some travel for the adventure, others just to unwind. But there is a special caliber of people whose sole purpose for traveling is food. If you are the latter, Texas’ iconic city of Port Aransas is a place where foodies thrive. Here are the five top food trucks in Port Aransas.

Rollin’ Tide Boil Co.

Rollin’ Tide Boil Co is where your real food experiences begin in the city. Recent trends in the hotel industry have seen a rise in the uptake of boiled seafood. This truck is one recommended place to take your seafood dining experience to the next level.

The best boiled shrimp cocktail is served here. How they pour the well-cooked shrimp mixture on your table is among the exciting experiences to capture in the city. Besides the boiled shrimp, you have other valuable options including the ever-delicious crab legs.

Rollin’ Tide Boil Co. is a good choice for a family dinner by the beachside. Enjoy each bite of your seafood meal as you soak in the panorama of the West Coast.

• Location: 321 On The Beach Dr, Port Aransas, TX 78373, USA

Top Food Trucks in Port Aransas: Tacobar Street

Approximately 39.4 miles away from the city in the town of Corpus Christi is the iconic Tacabar Street. It is one of the most iconic food trucks you will come across in the area with everything to suit a unique dining experience.
It is a great escape from the usual chaos of a major city in the magnitude of Port Aransas. Tacobar Street is a one-stop shop for different dining options. It is the place to be for that Asian Fusion. As the name suggests, you can also expect to find lots of Mexican delicacies here.

All the street lunch combo ideas you dream of will come to pass. From the usual chicken combos to more complex plates that include the Mexican nachos, it is a finger-licking experience. Also, you have paired drinks to wash down after a hearty meal.

• Location: 4711 S Alameda Corpus Christi, TX 78412, USA

Steerburger Grill & Grub

If you are the kind of vacationer who thrives in the ambiance of a small town, Rockport is the place. It is a 17.9-mile drive from the city and a good place for foodies to explore. When out there for a vacation in Texas, you don’t want that heavy meal while the sun is still shining. All you need is enough to keep your energy levels high for the adventures that await.

Steerburger Grill & Grub is one place you can count on for your fast meal as you hop into other adventures. They are home to the best burgers in town. Better still, you have enough space to park your car as you pound on your burger one bite at a time.

• Location: 4407 Hwy 35 S Rockport, TX 78382, USA

The Mix Grill

Once again, it is the mighty Corpus Christi to your rescue in the city. As the name of this truck suggests, it is a one-stop shop for everything. It is home to some of the craziest combinations you will find in the city.

The Mix Grill has everything you would need to pump up your energy levels. From the usual barbecue and burger options to items like the Frito pies, you have it all here. Customize your combos and create lasting memories while you still can.
Besides the food, the ambiance of the town is everything you would ask for in Texas.

• Location: 5614 Mcardle Rd Corpus Christi, TX 78412, USA

Tropical Sno of Port Aransas

Food trucks in the city don’t get better than the Tropical Sno of Port Aransas. It is the perfect complement to the usually high temperatures of the West Coast. It is more of a snack store than a food truck but everything in here is worth your time.

This truck primarily specializes in the iconic Hawaiian-style shave ice with both soft and fluffy components. It is home to thousands of ice combinations with different flavors to suit your desires.

The Tropical Sno of Port Aransas makes your sunny encounters on the beach more bearable. Instead of coming in with tens of liters of cold water, you have an ice cone of choice to cool down the surging heat.

Also, it is one of the most kid-friendly spots you will find in the city. From the ample parking to the extensive beach settings, shaved ice could not be served in a better setting.

• Location: 501 S Alister St, Port Aransas, TX 78373, USA

Where to Stay in Port Aransas

Your food adventures in Port Aransas are incomplete without a comfortable place to stay. With us is a list of luxury condos perfect for your holiday experience in the city. Our properties feature high-end amenities that complement your adventures in the city. Call us today for your holiday condos in Port Aransas.