Hurricane Harvey: It is moving how many are concerned for our wonderful Island. Any guests whose reservations have been or will be impacted will be contacted. Please allow time for operations to get back up and running. We are all anxious to assess the property and begin moving forward, but safety is our primary concern at the moment. For updates, please visit the facebook page of your resort. The individual resort Facebook pages are being updated as frequently as possible as new information becomes available. 


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Red Dragon Pirate Cruises

361-749-AHOY (2469)
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Pirate themed fun for any age.  This family friendly adventure sets sail from Deep Sea Headquarters.  Explore the marina and keep a close eye out because dolphin sightings are a usual occurrence.  Once in the open water the real adventure begins.  Swordfighting, pistol duels and even some buried treasure are only some of the items that make this a unique Port Aransas Jewel.  Did we mention face painting. Reservations are recommended and make sure to arrive 30 minutes before your boat sets sail for the preshow.  Refreshments available for children and adults.

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